Covid-19/Flu Policy

REMEMBER:  Our tours are 100% private, so other than your Guide, no one outside your family/group will be on your tour.  This offers us the flexibility mixed tour companies cannot match.

Social Distancing:  Your Guide will maintain “Social Distancing”.  Our goal is that EVERYONE feel 100% comfortable.


99% of Arizona currently has a MANDATED MASK policy.  In a nutshell, if you’re inside a vehicle and there’s ANYONE outside your family/group driving (Guide/Driver), EVERYONE MUST WEAR A MASK.

We’ve included a link to the mask mandate if you’d like to read it yourself.

OUR SOLUTION – BARRIER:  There’s NOTHING comfortable about wearing a mask, all day long.  For this reason we’ve modified our vehicles to include a clear barrier between the front part of the vehicle (front two seats), and the rear passengers.  By having the Guide in a separate area/space, removed from the guests, neither the Guide of your family/group needs to wear a mask.  Of course the front passenger seat will not be available for guests until the mandatory mask ordinance is no longer active.

    • GUIDE:  Masks are required to be worn only when 6 feet of separation is not possible.
    • GUESTS:  Masks will NOT be handed out to Guests.  You’re required to bring your own mask/s if you deem necessary.


While we are leaving it to our Guests to determining the level of CDC guidelines followed; as a company we are doing the following to safeguard our Guests.

    • Guides will not conduct tours if sick.  Each is asked to report ANY illness, and tours will be reassigned as needed.
    • Vehicles will be cleaned and sanitized before, during and after each tour.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available.
    • Tours will focus on the less dense areas within the National Park (which happen to be the best areas anyway).


The safety of our Guests and that of our Guides is TOP PRIORITY. 

If your Guide has concerns with the health of member of your group, he/she can choose to cancel the tour THAT MORNING.  EXAMPLE:  A member of your group has a deep chest cough, and looks to be battling an illness.  While your group my think it’s OK to continue, your Guide has the authority to cancel the tour.

    • If a member of your group is ill, have them stay home.
    • There is NO REFUND for cancellations the morning of the tour due to health concerns.