Grand Canyon "Sunset and Stargazing" Option

Departing: Phoenix Area - Sedona Area - Flagstaff Area

NOTE: Departure time varies based on time of year. You will be notified by email of your exact departure time once your reservation has been made. (See more below)

To quote one of our Guests, “This tour is the trifecta of Amazing.  The Grand Canyon during the day, sunset and night.  Incredible!”

The Grand Canyon is one of the DARKEST places on the planet.  Located 4 hours from Phoenix and 5 hours from Vegas, it’s remote.

Have you ever wondered what the sky looked like 10,000 years ago; prior to all the lights that pollute the night sky today.  Well, you get that at the Grand Canyon.  Every light bulb within the Park has been modified to meet the “Dark Sky” requirements.

Being VERY remote has its advantages.

SUNSET:  “Would it be possible to see the sunset?”  Over the years we’ve flipped, flopped and turned upside down our tours in order to say yes.  That’s a thing of the past with our new Grand Canyon “Sunset Tour”.

You’ll have the best seat in the house, as the sun sets behind the Grand Canyon.


  • Late departure:  You’ll be notified by email of your departure time after you make your reservation.
    • Since the Sunset is always at a different time, we will tailor your morning departure to work perfectly with the Sunset.
  • Tour Length:  Approx. 3 hours of daylight sightseeing.
    • During these three hours we’ll focus on the more remote, less accessible overlooks.  It’s from these remote overlooks that you get the best views of the Grand Canyon.
  • Sedona Stop:  If you’re departing from the Phoenix area and would like to swing through Sedona,, easy, just let your Driver know.  This is a great way to take a peek at the famous red rock formations.
  • Sunset:  Sunset observation from the BEST overlooks in the National Park.
  • Stargazing:  Approx. 30 minutes of twilight and after dark stargazing.


Your departure time will vary based on the “time of year”. 

EXAMPLE:  During the months of June, July and August the Sun doesn’t set until 7:30 – 7:45 PM.  Typically during the summer months we have a departure time of 11AM (Phoenix Area).

This will allow:

      • 3 hours to explore the Grand Canyon before the Sun sets.
      • Watching the sunset from a remote overlook.
      • 30 Minutes to soak in the stars and planets.

In the winter the Sun sets around 5:30PM, so we’ll depart around 9AM (Phoenix Area).  We will contact you by email, letting you know your actual departure time.


    • The lack of light pollution amplifies the intensity of the stars, planets and other celestial objects.  They will appear brighter, and stars you wouldn’t see in the city, are now visible.
    • There’s a period of “twilight” between sunset, and when the Stars begin to POP in the night sky. 


Is it possible to also include a helicopter tour?  Yes.

From start to finish the helicopter tour takes about 1:15 to complete (40-50 minute tour).  Keep in mind, you’ll have less time to explore the Grand Canyon from the ground, but you’ll still have plenty of time to see the main overlooks.

** Vehicle Options **

Mercedes Deluxe Sprinter Van (seats 14)

Starting @ $1895 + tax/fees

Grand canyon Tour - Sprinter
    • What you’d expect traveling 1st Class
    • Wide, Comfortable Seating
    • Room to stretch your legs
    • TV/DVD
    • Table
    • Rear entertainment system
    • Bottled water included

Mercedes/Airstream RV (Seats 8)

Starting @ $1495 + tax/fees

Grand Canyon Tour - Airstream
    • Bathroom, Microwave, Kitchenette
    • Ultra “Airstream” Luxury
    • Super-Wide comfortable soft leather seats
    • Room to stretch your legs
    • Mobile Satellite TV
    • Two (2) TV’s/DVD
    • Rear Lounge seats 5
Todd's Amazing Tours Airstream
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Luxury "Explorer" Van (Seats 8)

Starting @ $1095 + tax/fees

Grand CAnyon Tour - Ford Transit
    • Custom built captain’s chairs
    • Wide comfortable soft leather seats
    • High-roof with custom windows
    • Room to stretch your legs
    • TV/DVD
    • Rear entertainment system

Luxury SUV (Seats 6)

Starting @ $995 + tax/fees

Grand Canyon Tour - GMC Denali
    • ONLY Premium class SUV’s.
    • Comfortable soft leather seating
    • Rear entertainment DVD
    • Room to stretch your legs

Mercedes Maybach S600 (Seats 3)

Starting @ $1295 + tax/fees

    • What you’d expect traveling 1st Class on a Private Jet.
    • Ultra-Quiet interior – (Quieter than both Rolls Royce & Bentley)
    • Reclining rear seats with extending leg rests
    • Heated/Cooled rear seats
    • Massaging rear seats
    • Ultra plush ride
    • DVD/Rear entertainment system

Luxury Sedan (Seats 3)

Starting @ $895 + tax/fees

Grand Canyon Tours Cadillac XTS
    • ONLY Premium-Class sedans
    • Roomy rear seats with plenty of legroom
    • Ultra quiet interior
    • Leather seating